I first fell in love with the idea of becoming an attorney while watching fictional defense attorney Perry Mason on TV. Played by Raymond Burr, that character's no-nonsense attitude and his constant dedication to defending his clients struck a nerve. It's what made me want to commit to helping people with their legal needs. Inspired by the show, I decided to become an attorney.

After attending historic Hampden-Sydney College and graduating in 1973, I attended law school at the University of Virginia, where I graduated in 1977. After being admitted to the Virginia State Bar in 1979, I opened my practice in Lynchburg that same year. That's where I've been for almost 40 years, providing dedicated and personal legal representation to many people over the years, operating under the belief that every client is deserving of understanding and respect.

"At the end of the day, I have two rules: treat everyone with understanding and respect and be honest with them about their situation."

One of the things that bring me the greatest amount of joy from my career is knowing how many people I've helped through some really tough circumstances in their life. Hiring an attorney can be a stressful thing, which is why I try to make it as easy as possible for them. I listen to the details of their case and do my best to make sure I have the story straight before I come up with an idea of how to pursue their case. Because I've been around a long time, I can usually find some parallel or similar case to draw inspiration from - and if there's something I haven't heard yet, I'm pretty creative when it comes to forming a legal strategy.

I believe in honesty when it comes to working with my clients because we need to be able to trust one another with all the details of the case. In addition to a "never give up" attitude and perseverance, my clients can expect me to give them the unvarnished truth in regards to their legal situation and the options available. It doesn't make sense to try to sell you on something that won't work given the circumstances, after all. By establishing trust and doing everything I can to make sure my clients are respected, I've developed a pretty good track record of helping people with their problems.

When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy a lot of different hobbies. In addition to being a former "Little All American" football player, I like to spend my time running, exercising, and can even be found doing a little ballroom dancing.


  • Virginia - 1979


  • Hampden-Sydney College - 1973
  • University of Virginia Law School - 1977